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Questions about Meerkat Manor

Trying to equate Meerkat Manor to real life can be tricky at times. If anyone knows the answers to these, please let me know. IDs would be really helpful if at all possible.

  • Huge thanks to Zettak who answered nearly all my original questions. Just a couple of oddities left:

  • Episode 2.1 - An ID for, or more information about, Grog would be helpful.

  • Season 2 - There is reference to Ozzy, Hannibal's son - Who is Ozzy?

  • Season 3 - Reference is made to Axel, Slash & Rose. Did Slash & Rose exist?

    Information that is missing

    Mabili (VDF001) is reported to have had 22 litters with 79 surviving pups. I only have records of two of them.

    IDs for Bettik and Mack, founders of the Zappa group, would be of great help.

    Dates Of Birth

    The published date of birth is either the actual date of birth, if recorded, or the date on which the meerkat was first seen. There is no record of which. In order to avoid confusion, where I have found that the date given is the first date seen I have removed it.

    A note about Stage Names

    In Meerkat Manor, more than one meerkat sometimes plays a given character and some meerkats play more than one character. The Stage Names are often different between the UK and US versions of the programme. At present, this database allows for one Stage Name per meerkat and this may be listed as either the UK or US version depending on what information is available.

    Other comments and information

    You can now list all the meerkats born into a given group by searching for a group life history and clicking on Zaphod at the bottom of the page. Clicking again will return you to the life history. Meerkats with known IDs are now always listed in numerical order. You will find several gaps in the lists, if you know who these meerkats are please let me know.

    There are several changes between the KMP published namelists of March 2008 and December 2008. Where found, the December 2008 is now in use.

    A comprehensive and impressive family tree for Flower, Zaphod and Yossarian prepared by Geniebelle was merged into the database on 3rd June 2009. This family tree contains a vast amount of data which I previously did not have comprising over 400 new meerkats plus their parentage. There were no IDs in this data, however, so I have invented suitable ones starting with an X where necessary.

    Inevitably there are numerous duplicate names in the database. Name Unknowns may well appear elsewhere using their real names.

    There are also numerous conflicts such as meerkats being referenced after they were last seen or died and a conflict is often found between whether a meerkat has died or is last seen. There are large gaps in the life history data that is available which means that some life history records may appear in error and several dates are obviously wrong, but this is the data that is available and the database has been left like this since I have no means of knowing what the correct data is.

    Because of the way names are passed into the database, it is not possible to have non-ascii characters in meerkat or group names.
    Please use a space instead, for example,

    For Viv'e, search for Viv e
    For Mary-Pat, search for Mary Pat

    If you find any errors and can identify them with the correct ID codes please let me know.

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